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Best Phone Sanitizers Review

Let’s face it, smartphones are some of the dirtiest items we carry on our person every day, certainly, each one of us needs a phone sanitizer. While we take good care of sanitizing our hands after a day out, seldom do we consider putting our phone through the same sanitization process. 

But this is an important practice to make sure your phone remains clean, especially if you spend most of your time outside or in public. So how does one sanitize their phones? Well, there are plenty of options available in the market today, and we’re going to help you find the best phone sanitizer available in the market.

So here is the review of some of the best phone sanitizers you can buy. We’ll be sure to include all the popular options in the review while ensuring that you also check out some little known yet equally effective products.

1. Tenergy Ultra-Violet Light Cell Phone Sterilizer

Tenergy UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer
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There are more germs & bacteria on your smartphones, MP3 players, headphones, and other handheld devices. Now that many devices are so mobile, they travel with you almost anywhere, allowing more chances to catch germs. New Tenergy UV Cell Phone Sanitizer can eliminate up to 99.9% of these germs and bacteria to stay clean, happy, and healthy. It is one of the best phone sanitizers.

Tenergy UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer Specifications

Ear BudsNot Included
Works withiPhones, Smart Phones, iPod, Ear Buds, MP3 Players, Bluetooth Headsets
Max Size Fitting ChartWithout using the Basket: 76.2mm 22mm 138mmWith the Basket: 73mm 15.875mm 128mm

Features of Tenergy Ultra-Violet Light Phone Sterilizer

  • Battery-Operated & Easy to Use
  • Comes with a Basket to conveniently Store Accessories during cleaning
  • To clean and sterilize your smartphones and small devices it uses Ultra-Violet Lights
  • Uses Germicidal UV Light- The same one used in hospitals to prevent strep, e.coli, pneumonia, salmonella, listeria, and H1N1 virus
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Tenergy UV Light Cell Phone Sterilizer

2. Homray UV Sterilizer Box Phone Sanitizer

Best Phone Sanitizers Review
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Homray UV sterilization & ozone disinfectant kills 99.9% germs, bacteria & virus in 18-30 minutes. It eliminates the bad odor of the items through aromatherapy and can be used at home, car, office, or picnic. It can be powered with a USB adapter, computer, laptop, car USB adapter, power bank. Its disinfectant & sterilizer kills viruses on the mask, mobile phone, wallet, jewelry, watches.

Homray UV Sterilizer Box Specifications

TypeUV Sterilization Box
Item Weight249 g
Product CategoryHealth & Personal Care
Product Dimensions15 x 8 x 4 cm
Aromatherapy Essential OilsNot Included(Purchase separately if you want to use)

Features of Homray UV Sterilizer Box

  • Portable Elegant Design
  • Suitable for Diversified Products
  • Mobile Phone Fast Wired Charger
  • Eliminates Bad Odour through Aroma Therapy
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Homray UV Sterilizer Box

3. Sterile Life Phone Sanitizer

Sterile Life Phone Sanitizer
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No liquid, heat, or chemicals are used in Sterile Life phone sanitizer, so it’s safe to sanitize all kinds of your phones, AirPods, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, credit cards, money, keys, and so on. Beside a UV sanitizer box, their cell phone cleaner with UV light is also a wireless charger for any QI-enabled devices. Where even cleaning wipes can not reach, its UV-C light can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices. It is one of the best phone sanitizers.

Sterile Life Phone Sanitizer Specifications

Item Weight400 g
Disinfection Power2 W
Product DimensionsOuter: 7.7 x 4.5 x 2.1 inch Inner: 7.2 x 3.9 x 1.5 inch
Package included1 x UV Sterilizer Wireless Charger,1 x External Micro USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

Features of Sterile Life Phone Sanitizer

  • 99.9% Sterilization Rate & 10000 Hour Endurance
  • Multifunction & Germicidal UV Box
  • Fast Sterilization in 30 seconds
  • Large Sanitizing Space 
  • Wireless Charging
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Sterile Life Phone Sanitizer

4. TRU-V UV Light Sanitizer

TRU-V UV Light Sanitizer
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TRU-V UV sterilization bag provides 360-degree disinfection using a powerful 11W UV-C Lamp and UV reflective coating. Lamp Sanitizes Articles kept inside the Box within 5-10 minutes by killing 99% of Viruses & Bacteria. The UVCare Pro’s Tru-Linning material has been safely tested by ISO certified and government accredited lab for no UV leakage. It is one of the best phone sanitizers. Click here to get a complete review of TRU-V UV Light Sanitizer.

TRU-V UV Light Sanitizer Specifications

Product Dimensions12 x 12 x 12 inch
Power Requirement11W at 220V 50Hz
Warranty6 Months

Features of TRU-V UV Light Sanitizer

  • Quick & Effective Disinfection
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria and Viruses
  • Easy to Carry, Lightweight & Foldable
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TRU-V UV Light Sanitizer

5. LYFRO Air Capsule UV Sanitizer Box

LYFRO Air Capsule UV Sanitizer Box
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Air Capsule UV Sanitizer Box of LYFRO sanitizes your phone, gadget accessories, and other everyday items. It comes with a 10W Fast Wireless Charging. Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses with UV-C light in 8 minutes. Large capacity fits most phones (eg. iPhone 11 Pro Max). Easy to use and comes with a Type-C input port. It can be powered with a USB adapter, Computer, Laptop, Car USB adapter, Power Bank, etc.

LYFRO Air Capsule UV Sanitizer Box Specifications

Inner Capacity800 ml
Batteries RequiredNo
Product Dimensions21 x 12 x 5 cm
Number Of Items1
Number of Ports1
Warranty1 Year
Included Components1 Air Capsule with Wireless Charging Pad

Features of LYFRO Air Capsule UV Sanitizer Box

  • Comes with a USB charging cable, easy to carry and use at home, office, car or even during travel
  • 360-degree UV sterilization kills 99.9% of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses in 8 minutes
  • Universal all-in-one sanitizing box with 10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging
  • Eliminates bad Odour of the items through Aroma Therapy
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6. VISMA Sterilizer Box

VISMA Sterilizer Box
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The Visma sterilizer box uses best in class Phillips TUV 11w lamp which is one of the most effective UV lamps available in the market. Designed for disinfecting personal household and office belonging like mobile phones, tablets, purse, currency, covers of office files, etc. The Visma UV-C disinfectant box is made in a manner so that light from the UV lamp does not directly enter the eyes.

VISMA Sanitizer Box Specifications

TypeUV Sterilization Box
Product Dimensions27.9 x 27.9 x 10.2 cm
VolumeApprox. 8 L
Power Requirement11 W

Features of VISMA Disinfection Box

  • The box can disinfect multiple items in a single go with the utmost convenience
  • It is effective against killing a large range of viruses/bacteria
  • It’s one of the most convenient, easy and safe UV box to use
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VISMA Sterilizer Box

7. Big Deeper UV Light Sterilizing Stick

Big Deeper UV Light Sterilizing Stick
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Handheld Foldable UV Light Sterilizing Stick of Big Deeper has been proven to be a chemical-free method for sanitizing surfaces and other household accessories.  It has an inbuilt internal mechanism that turns the wand off automatically when the UV lamp faces upwards so that it does not harm our skin. Their wand emits UVC light with a wavelength of 253.7nm. It allows the light to stay on each area for 25-30 seconds to ensure optimum exposure.

Big Deeper UV Light Sterilizing Stick Specifications

BrandBig Deeper
Product Weight300 g
Product Dimensions12.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm
Product MaterialABS
Battery Required4 x AAA Batteries
Tube Diameter4 mm
UV Output5000μW/cm2
Package Included1 x UV Light Sterilizer Stick, 1 x USB Cable

Features of Big Deeper UV Light Sterilizing Stick

  • No Ozone: It has a special wavelength shielding technology.
  • Professional Germicidal Tube: It has a long service life without replacement.
  • Quartz Wave Tube: It has a good throwing rate & has a good sterilization effect.
  • Foldable Design: This UV Light has an ergonomic design as well as it is small and portable.
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Big Deeper UV Light Sterilizing Stick

8. MOTOTIVE Phone Sanitizer Box

MOTOTIVE Phone Sanitizer Box
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The phone sanitizer box of MOTOTIVE is not only a quick wireless charger for mobile phones but also aromatherapy for mobile phones and other small items, harmless to the human body. Keep your cellphone or masks clean and stay healthy within 5 minutes. It is fast wireless charging up to 10W with a 7.5W intelligent adjustment. The sanitizer box is equipped with a large power UV lamp equal to more than 20 times of light intensity of the sun.

MOTOTIVE Phone Sanitizer Box Specifications

TypeUV Sanitizer Box
Product MaterialPlastic & Metal
Warranty1 Year

Features of MOTOTIVE Phone Sanitizer Box

  • The latest magnetic design is used to automatically turn off the UV light when the cover is opened to avoid damage to the eyes
  • Built with the latest technology of high sensitivity and intelligent recognition
  • Sanitizer box with LED indicator for easy use
  • Safe and fast charging without getting hot
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MOTOTIVE Phone Sanitizer Box


Phones are the one thing you carry all day. So making sure it is clean from disease-causing germs should be a top priority for all. After reading this review, go on for purchasing the best phone sanitizer.

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