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Daily Essential Products on Amazon

In a lockdown, Amazon provides daily essentials products like groceries, vegetables, fruits, etc. to people. An essential product means a physical item required by a consumer in order to sustain health or life. 

There are also many other household items available on amazon which will help you in your household chores. You can also search for products as per your requirement on Amazon Pantry. Just fill a virtual box of items from the Amazon Pantry store and have them conveniently delivered at your doorsteps.

Just read the daily essentials list below and put them in your cart on Amazon as per your requirement. So stay home and be safe.

1. Dabur Red Paste

When it comes to holistic Ayurveda oral care, Dabur red paste is a distinct name. The quantity of this product is 600g. Taking the best from both worlds for a complete solution that remedies a wide array of dental issues, it carries a unique mixture of traditional Indian medicine and modern pharmaceutical technology.

Technical Details of Dabur Red Paste

Weight600 Grams
Flavour BaseMint
Shelf Life12 Months
Country of OriginIndia
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
ManufacturerDabur India Ltd

Dabur Red Paste Ingredients

  • Clove Oil: Useful in gingivitis & helps in fighting germs
  • Pudina Satva: Helps to save you from bad breath & toothache
  • Tomar Beej: Helps prevent dental diseases
  • Sunthi (Ginger): Helps prevent toothache

Features of Dabur Red Paste

  • Protection from 7 dental problems
  • Formulated with traditional Indian medicines
  • Reduction in gingivitis, teeth stains and bad breath
  • No fluoride is added 
  • Contains fully from natural extracts
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2. Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil

Fortune Sunlite Oil is refined sunflower oil which is beneficial for your health and is also tasty. This refined oil is made from sunflower extracts and is available in a pouch of 1 liter. The high boiling point of this sunflower oil indicates that sunflower oil holds onto its nutritional content even at higher temperatures, making it an excellent choice for the Indian cooking style.

Technical Details of Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil

Weight912 Grams
Volume1 Liter
SpecialtyRich in Vitamins
Country of OriginIndia
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
Item Package Quantity1
ManufacturerAdani Wilmar

Benefits of using Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil

  • Light, healthy & nutritious oil 
  • Easy to digest
  • Low in saturated fats 
  • Rich in natural vitamins which keeps skin healthy

Which oil is best for the heart?

Most oils are a combination of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats. Choosing ones that are low in saturated fatty acids and high in unsaturated fats can help to lower cholesterol levels. Some of the healthiest cooking oil are Avocado, Corn, Olive, Peanut, Sunflower, Sesame, Soybean, etc. 

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3. Daawat Devaaya Basmati Rice (Old)

Devaaya basmati rice is an exclusive selection of aromatic responsibly sourced natural grains with a long, fluffy, and pearl look. The quantity of this product is 5kg. It is considered as the best rice for regular use at home. Perfect choice for a healthy meal. 

Technical Details of Daawat Devaaya Basmati Rice (Old)

Weight5 Kilograms
Units5000 grams
SpecialtyNo artificial colors
Country of OriginIndia
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
Item Package Quantity1
Maximum Shelf Life24 Months
ManufacturerLT Foods Ltd

Features of Daawat Devaaya Basmati Rice (Old)

  • Responsibly sourced grains
  • Great taste and aroma
  • Naturally aged
  • Tested for 500+ banned pesticides and fertilizers
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FAQs regarding Basmati Rice

Q. Is Basmati rice bad for health?

A. No. Basmati rice is good for heart health as it contains carbohydrates, protein, less fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Q. Is it OK to eat basmati rice every day?

A. Eating basmati rice every day isn’t harmful but has complex carbohydrates that take a little longer to digest. Eating basmati rice in modest quantities and at the right time with perfectly cooked grains is no issue.

Q. Is Basmati rice high in cholesterol?

A. Basmati is gluten-free and low in fat. It contains all 8 essential amino acids, folic acid, and is very low in sodium and has no cholesterol.

4. Bru Instant Coffee

BRU Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee products as it is India’s largest and favorite coffee brand. It is made from a fine blend of the choicest plantation and Robusta beans. The beans of Bru instant coffee are roasted to perfection then the new & enhanced process ensures that the fresh coffee aroma is preserved so that you get a rich coffee taste beyond compare.

Technical Details of Bru Instant Coffee

Weight99.8 Grams
Volume0.1 Milliliters
Item Package Quantity1
Storage InstructionsTransfer contents into an air-tight container and store in a cool, dry & hygienic place.
Country of OriginIndia
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
IngredientsContains coffee chicory mixture, Coffee 70% Chicory 30%
ManufacturerHindustan Unilever Limited

Steps to make Bru Instant Coffee

  • Take 1 teaspoon of Bru Instant Coffee in a cup
  • Add 100ml milk and/or water and some sugar to taste 
  • Stir the mixture well 
  • Enjoy a great-tasting cup of Bru Instant

Features of Bru Instant Coffee

  • Blend of choicest Arabica and Robusta beans roasted to perfection
  • New and enhanced processes confirm that the fresh coffee aroma is preserved
  • Enjoy a rich coffee tasting experience that is extremely good
  • Bru Instant Coffee makes both hot coffee & cold coffee
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5. Comfort Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner

Using comfort’s lily fresh after wash fabric conditioner nourishes the cloth fibers damaged by detergent. It also gives them new-like shine even over repeated washing. It just not only gives shine to clothes but also their range of fabric softeners gives noticeable softness to your favorite clothes while also delivering an enduring freshness.

Technical Details of Comfort Fabric Conditioner

Volume1.6 Liter
Safety InformationDo not pour directly onto clothes. Keep out of reach of children.
Country of OriginIndia
ManufacturerHindustan Unilever Limited

Directions to use Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner

  • In the final rinse, pour half a cap of comfort into the bucket of water after washing clothes with detergent
  • Soak 10 clothes (colored or white) in the bucket containing Comfort
  • 5 minutes later, remove the clothes and dry
  • After using Comfort do not rinse clothes in water

Features of Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner

  • Makes clothes soft, smooth & great to wear
  • Protecting clothes from the damage caused by detergent 
  • Gives clothes a ‘new-like shine’
  • It has fragrance pearls which give all-day freshness to your clothes
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6. Bournvita Health Drink

Cadbury is a delicious chocolate health drink. It combines the great taste of chocolate and the goodness of essential nutrients that aid growth and development. Bournvita Health Drink is a chocolate malted drink mix that can be enjoyed by piping hot or deliciously cold. Try combining Bournvita with milk and ice cream to make a chocolate milkshake that is delectable and nutritious.

Technical Details of Bournvita Health Drink

BrandCadbury Bournvita
Generic NameEnergy, Sports Drinks & Mixes
TypeNutrition Drink
Weight2 Kilograms
Form FactorPowder
Food PreferenceVegetarian
Maximum Shelf Life12 Months
Item Package Quantity1
Country of OriginIndia
Manufactured byMondelez India foods private limited

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Benefits of using Bournvita Health Drink

  • This tasty chocolate health drink is enriched with vitamin (d, b2, b9, b12)
  • Enriched with Calcium and Phosphorus that help in developing strong and healthy bones
  • Contain protein and vitamins that help in the muscle building as well as muscle repairing
  • Iron Folate and Vitamin B12 help in the formation of Haemoglobin in the body and maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system
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FAQs regarding Bournvita Health Drink

Q: Is Cadbury Bournvita suitable for 4 years + kids?

A: Yes, people of all ages can drink this product.

Q: What are the ingredients in Cadbury Bournvita 5 Star Magic?

A: Cereal extracts, sugar, milk solids, maltodextrin, caramel color, cocoa solids, emulsifiers, vitamins, and minerals.

Q: How Bournvita L’il champs help in toddler’s growth?

A: It contains Nutri smart DHA and other essential nutrients that aid metabolic functions and help in toddler’s growth.

Q: Is Bournvita beneficial in weight gain?

A: It is a health drink, can be used as a nutritional supplement to improve overall health.

7. Tulsi California Almonds

Tulsi California Almonds is one of the most nutritious of all nuts. It is a delicious nut that is crispy in taste, acts as the best buddy in the morning breakfast, and as an anytime snack. It is a premium nuts and dry fruits brand. Their products are processed and packed in FSSC: 22000 & HACCP certified plant – The best among food safety ratings and certified by ‘FSSAI’.

Technical Details of Tulsi California Almonds

Model NameCalifornia Premium
SpecialtyNatural, chemical-free
Container TypePouch
Weight500 Grams
Package Dimensions27 x 17.3 x 6.9 cm
Food PreferenceVegetarian
Maximum Shelf Life6 Months
Storage InformationKeep it airtight & refrigerated for best freshness.
Item Package Quantity1
Produce ofUSA
Country of ManufactureIndia
Manufactured byK.B.B. Nuts Pvt. Ltd.

Health Benefits of Eating Almonds

  • Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients
  • Loaded with antioxidants & are high in vitamin E
  • Almonds can assist with blood sugar control
  • Reduces blood pressure and lower your cholesterol levels
  • Almonds can also reduce hunger and helps you to lose weight

Features of Tulsi California Almonds

  • 100% natural & best quality product from the house of Tulsi
  • In recent years almonds have become famous for their versatility and health benefits & are dieter’s favorite
  • Its delicious crispy taste is perfect for morning breakfast and as an anytime snack
  • They are a very good source of energy-encouragers riboflavin, manganese, and copper
  • Almonds are a versatile, nutrient-rich addition to gluten-free diets
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8. Pampers New Diaper Pants

Baby-Dry pants style diapers of Pampers are the only pants in India with Ultra Absorb Core, Double Leak Guards, and Lotion with Aloe Vera. The brand new advanced product design allows a comfortable fit, closer to the baby’s body, and a flexible waistband that adapts to baby’s movements for a comfortable fit. Their pants with fun exterior graphics, fun designs and characters ensure you enjoy with your baby.

Technical Details of Pampers New Diaper Pants

Generic NameDiapers
Unit Count64 Pants
Item Weight1.45 Kg
Target GenderUnisex
TypePant Diapers
Closure TypeElastic Waistband
Ideal ForKids
Compatible Baby Weight9 – 14 Kg
Effective DurationUp to 12 Hours
Item Package Quantity1
Maximum Shelf Life36 Months
Manufacturer’s Minimum Suggested Age(months)12.0
Country of OriginIndia, Spain
ManufacturerP&G Mequinsa Plant

Features of Pampers New Diaper Pants

  • Diaper pants of Pamper are the No.1 choice of Doctors
  • For a comfortable night’s sleep, it has a top layer with cotton-like soft material
  • The inner layer of super-absorbent Magic Gel locks away wetness for up to 12 hours
  • Even after 12 hours of use, it provides up to 100% protection from leakage
  • From diaper rash and irritation, Baby lotion with Aloe Vera helps protect your baby’s sensitive skin

Preventions to Take While Using Diapers for Babies

  • Check the baby’s skin to ensure that there are no rashes as some babies have very delicate skin and develop rashes immediately.
  • At night, use specially designed overnight disposable diapers.
  • Avoid heavier diapers during the daytime. Use gel-based diapers or diapers with skin creams or cloth diapers.
  • Change diapers once every 2 to 3 hours to avoid rashes and infections. Ensure that you change the diaper immediately when babies pass stool.
  • Don’t make your baby wear another diaper immediately after removing a diaper. Allow the skin to breathe for a while.
  • After removing the diaper, clean your baby’s skin with baby wipes or a soft, damp cloth. You can use baby lotion, coconut oil, moisturizers, too. Powders should not be used.
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9. Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women

Whisper has been one of the most popular brands for sanitary pads over the years and is still popular in the market because of its variety of options being available. Whisper ultra clean xl+ has odor lock gel that locks up to 100% wetness and even odors during periods so that you do not have to worry about the foul smell. Since the surface has a soft and dry protective layer, you stay comfortable at all times.

Technical Details of Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

Generic NameSanitary Pad Pantyliners
Product CategoryFeminine Hygiene
SizeXL Plus
Unit Count44 Pads
Product Dimensions17 x 11.4 x 19.5 cm ; 281 g
TypeSanitary Pad
Ideal UsageWomen, Girls
Usage TypeDisposable
Item Package Quantity1
Maximum Shelf Life36 Months
Country of OriginIndia
ManufacturerProcter & Gamble

Features of Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads

  • Locks up to 100% wetness, even odors
  • Odor lock gel that gives you hygienic protection
  • Nearly 40% longer for more coverage vs. Whisper choice wings
  • Delightful scent & the dry-weave cover provides soft, dry protection
  • When your period flow is heavy use whisper ultra clean XL+ for days vs an ordinary pad

5 Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Menstrual Hygiene

  • Change your sanitary napkin every 4-6 hours curbs the growth of these organisms and prevents infections.
  • Washing your vagina regularly is extremely important as the organisms cling to your body after you have removed your sanitary napkin.
  • Don’t use soaps or vagina hygiene products as artificial hygiene products can hamper the natural process leading to infections and the growth of bacteria.
  • Wrap sanitary napkin properly before you throw them away, so the bacteria and infections do not spread. Ensure you don’t flush them, since that will block the toilet causing the water to back up, spreading the bacteria all over it.
  • Stick to one method of sanitation as a combination of 2 techniques(tampons and sanitary napkins) may keep you dry and prevent stained clothes but at the same time, it can cause infections too.
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10. Gillette Mach Turbo 3 Shaving Blades

The 3 blades of the Gillette mach3 turbo are treated with an advanced anti-friction coating, allowing the mach3 turbo to remove each hair with less feel of irritation. To shave evenly and effortlessly, its soft, protective micro fins gently smooth down the skin. The indicator lubrication strip helps ensure that your mach3 turbo razor blade keeps gliding across your skin, shave aftershave. It contains a pack of 10 cartridges.

Technical Details of Gillette Mach Turbo 3 Shaving Blades

Generic NameShaving Cartridge
Product Dimensions9.5 x 1.3 x 11.1 cm
Number of Blades per Cartridges3
Number of Cartridges10
Ideal ForMen
Applicable AreaFace
LubricationComfort Get Bar
Precision Suspension PivotYes
Precision TrimmerNo
Item Package Quantity1
Country of OriginUSA
ManufacturerProcter & Gamble Indochina Ltd

Features of Gillette Mach Turbo 3 Shaving Blades

  • For superior glide and comfort, it has 3 high definition imported blades
  • Comfort guard with micro fins for a closer shave
  • The indicator lubrication strip fades to white when you are no longer getting an optimal shave and ergonomic handle gives great control
  • It’s men’s razor cartridge refills feature sharper, turbo cutting blades

Face Shaving Tips For Men

  • Always use a new sharp safety razor. Change blades as soon as they become blunt or get nicks in them.
  • Wash the area to be shaved with moisturizing cleansers and warm water to help soften the hair. Keep the skin hot and moist.
  • Apply shaving cream or gel, and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes so it can further soften the hair and make a one-pass shave possible. A brush to apply and foam up may help to lift the hairs and really coat them with shaving cream.
  • People with sensitive skin should choose gentle products. Never use soap.
  • Always shave in the route your hair is growing. Even though you may get a closer shave if you go against the grain, you are more likely to get razor burn.
  • Clean the blade frequently to remove hair and shaving cream.
  • Try to attain a one-pass shave as going over an area several times is more likely to cause skin irritation.
  • To help reduce inflammation, follow your shave with a cold water rinse.
  • To rehydrate the skin, finish off with a moisturizer.
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Using Amazon Pantry, customers can now shop for over 4000 daily essentials such as groceries and household products on the website and mobile. Prepare a household items list and just check it out on Amazon Pantry whether the products are currently available or not.

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