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10 Free Google Certification Courses for Online Learning

To help students, Google is bringing out more and more courses. You can enroll in Google certification courses as they are free. So students can learn and develop new skills.

The Google certification courses mentioned below are not related to any specific field. They are common tech skills that students might be searching for.

List of Google Certification Courses:

1. Google Artificial Intelligence

There are multiple tools available for you to try and sharpen your AI(Artificial Intelligence) & ML(Machine Learning) skills. Artificial Intelligence of Google is a platform allowing everyone to know about the latest advancements in the AI world. It contains courses, research papers, news, and much more.

If you are interested in going depth into AI dimensions then you should start learning from Google AI. For preparing some AI models, Google has also provided some free datasets that you can use.

2. Google Android Development Training

Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile and smart devices. You can get job opportunities by gaining those Android Development skills. For learning Android Development, Google has provided a separate place.

Google has divided the course material based on the level of knowledge. There are 2 segments from which one belongs to beginners and the other is for expert developers who need to learn new updates and enhancements.

You can choose any one of them from here:

You can give the exam of Google Associate Android Certification after completing the course and get the certificate. You will get one chance per payment to clear it as it is a paid exam. You can leave the certificate aside if you just need the knowledge.

3. Google Web Developers Training

Google Web Developers Training is not something for beginners but for people who are already into web development. From the web development sphere, Google provides the latest insights in the form of guides, news, videos, and summits. It is for helping developers in building the best web experiences.

There are guides on the recent technologies and tools like Workbox, Lighthouse, Puppeteer, and more. You can always take up the paid Google Developers certification exam to get certified after completing your basics.

The most important thing here is your knowledge matters the most and how you can apply it well. Certificates are only to show your skills in a better and organized way.

4.  Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe & The Open University, this basic course is all about Digital Marketing. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is provided by Google under its Digital Garage initiative. Created by professional Google trainers, this course contains 26 highly informational modules.

It also contains 40 hours of video lecture, you will be presented with multiple exercises and quizzes. It is completely free and will help you in testing your knowledge side by side.

You have to give an exam after completing the course and for getting the certificate you will have to pass it. In the exam, there are a total of 40 questions out of which you have to get 32 questions correct.

5. Google Ads Certifications

It is now named as Google Skillshop. Earlier it was known as Academy for Ads. Google Ads also is known as PPC(Pay Per Click) ads is a very trending skill to get your hands on. Each business no matter big or small is trying to grow with Digital Advertisements.

Business houses require people with Ads management and optimizing skills. So, it is very beneficial for you if you want to learn a new skill for your career. With the help of the Google Free Online Certification course, you can easily learn Google Ads.

You just need to signup with your account on Google Skillshop and choose Google Ads Certification. There are different modules and guides which will take you through the learning process.

6. YouTube Management & Growth

After Google, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine that permits content creators to share video content all over the Internet. There are around 2 billion logged-in monthly users. Therefore, it is a great platform to grow and earn revenue.

The course material is provided by Google itself to learn about the management and growth of YouTube channels. You can sign up for the course and also get certified after the completion.

The courses available are

  • YouTube Asset Monetization
  • YouTube Channel Growth
  • YouTube Content Ownership
  • YouTube Creative essentials
  • Music Certification

7. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage has more than 120 such free courses. They are mainly divided into Digital Marketing, Data & Tech, and Career Development.

You can get courses affiliated with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Business, and much more. All of them have diverse modules with self-paced learning.

Any person can signup with their Google account and start learning new skills. Only Digital Marketing has got the certification. But you should always focus on developing new skills and that too from Google.

8.  Google Analytics Academy Courses

From Google, another great tool for analyzing websites and apps is Analytics. It is a very handy tool for Digital Marketers and Analysts. Google tries to provide all the guides needed to learn to work with the help of the Analytics Academy.

It provides Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced, and Power Users. It also provides Introduction to Data Studio and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals.

You can take the Certification from Google Skillshop after completing the courses. It is a free certification named Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

9. Udacity-Google Partnership Courses

Udacity partnered with google to provide courses on many topics. The beginner level courses are free but it will not give you a certificate. If you want the certificate you can always pay for the Nanodegree courses from Udacity.

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If we watch the learning part, then the free courses are well equipped with video lectures. All the course materials of Udacity are updated with the latest technologies

Free courses available on

  • Android Development
  • Tensorflow
  • Web Development
  • Firebase
  • Product Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • App Monetization and many others

10. Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform(Coursera)

If you are an application developer looking forward to building applications on the cloud and redesigning existing ones then get started with this specialization to gain an all-round knowledge.

Explore the techniques to design, develop, and deploy apps that make use of the GCP(Google Cloud Platform) components. In addition to this, the classes talk about the ways to make use of the services and ML(Machine Learning) API(Application Program Interface) to gain scalable and secure applications.

It integrates various sources, components, and services to build solutions with varying levels of flexibility. It gains best practices and advice from the experience of the instructors.

It understands the value of GCP products and services. It provides you complete guidance and is available to help you select the runtime environment and perform the necessary setup.


Start learning with the above-mentioned google certification courses as per your requirement and develop new skills. Also by gaining those skills can help you in getting job opportunities.

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