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10 Best Free Online Graphic Design Courses

The art or skill of combining text and pictures in books, advertisements, magazines is known as Graphic design. It is also known as visual communication, communication design, and commercial design.

Graphic design is an important tool that makes sure that you communicate with your people in a well-organized manner. It helps to deliver your message to the target audience in an attractive way.

The method of visual communication and solving problem through the use of photography, typography, iconography, and illustration is known as Graphic design. To form visual representations of ideas and messages, Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images, and text.

If you want to learn Graphic Designing and that too completely free, so here we provide you the 10 Best + Free Online Graphic Design Courses.

1. Graphic Design Basics – SkillShare

Designers Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips present this excellent starter course that talks about the 5 core principles of graphic design.

The 35-minute video class provides examples and demonstrations that you can use and apply right away on your design projects.

To build a solid foundation in graphic design, it is perfect for beginners. This course instructs you on how to apply graphic design principles in real-world projects like marketing materials, creating logos, and other design projects.

2. The Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design – Alison

This course is perfect for graphic design students or anyone interested in learning graphic design in general.

This course explores the graphic design and the design process in general and gets deeper into design elements in specific, such as lines, shape, form, and texture, and design principles like composition, balance, contrast, and hierarchy. also has several other free graphic design courses to help you build your skills at your own pace.

3. Canva Design School

In the 6 years since they started, Canva has grown to include a design school as a way for those who may not have that much experience with graphic design to study the basics and some helpful hints.

It is an online tool for creating basic graphics easily and quickly without using Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other software. It offers a free online video course called Introduction to Graphic Design.

Canva Design School section on its website offers several resources for beginners, intermediate, and even experienced graphic designers. Amongst many others, it has a new course on creativity and one on creating graphics for Facebook.

4. Introduction to Graphic Design – Udemy

Udemy’s Introduction to Graphic Design Course is the ideal way to learn your way into the graphic design world with practical real-world examples.

Designer, Sean Berg has created this course comprising of presentations and audio lectures that focus on answering questions such as what design is and what designers do.

To take the course, you do not need any special software or hardware. The only thing needed is an open mind and thirst for knowledge. To create designs, you will use the web-based Canva.

This course of Udemy’s is ideal for beginners or professionals & it contains 16 lectures and over an hour of free content, you will learn all about Canva & many different graphic design skills which will turn out useful in real-world projects like Logo Design or Business Card Design.

5. Fundamentals of Graphic Design – Coursera

The course is of 4 weeks for beginners and is taught by Michael Worthington, Faculty in Graphic Design from the California Institute of the Arts.

To teach you the fundamental principles and foundational skills of graphic design, Coursera’s course uses visual examples like typography, composition, working with images, color theory, and shapes.

This course features active participation and has many design exercises and practical projects that you can do yourself.

6. Introduction to Graphic Illustration – kadenze

This 5-sessions, the adaptive course is taught by Junichi Tsuneoka from the Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle.

The course focuses on how you can take your design skills and grow them into professional, marketable illustrations. This course will help you to explore how you can translate your visual ideas into high-quality illustrations.

The course also delves through a series of projects into how you can develop your illustration abilities to produce and distribute illustrations.

It is for intermediate designers who have basic drawing skills and have a basic understanding of how to use digital tool skills such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, as well as an understanding of fundamental design theory.

7. 99 Designs

It is a great platform that connects graphic designers with clients and helps them generate new work. 99 Designs also have a great blog with tons of articles with inspiration and business tips for designers.

There is an in-depth Learn section as well in the blog that has hundreds of tutorials and articles on mastering everything from color and typography to logo design and Illustrator.

They are a professional marketplace that expects professional design work. Learn more about how they assess their designer community. It builds a hands-on relationship with clients so you get regular paid projects.

8. Graphic Design Courses – Linkedin has hundreds of free courses in graphic design that you can choose from. You can also watch videos to learn about graphic design.

There are paid courses as well that you can access for a small subscription fee of around $20/month. There is a free 1-month trial, which should be enough for you to access and study the top courses.

Some free courses are mentioned below:

  • Graphic Design Tips & Tricks Weekly
  • Design Thinking: Understanding the process
  • Learning Graphic Design: Layouts
  • Introducing Photoshop: Design

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9. Illustration and Design Courses by Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ offers over 851 hours of tutorials for designers that cover the whole gamut of topics, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Rhino, and many more.

They have got eBooks on a wide range of design subjects, from brand design to typesetting. You’ll also find some great books on the business side of a design career: how to sell your work, draw up contracts, get paid for your design work, and more.

You can read these eBooks right in your browser, in a special interface designed for easy reading on any device. They’re great on the theory of design, but also packed with practical advice you can use right away. Read one and, before you know it, you’ll be an expert in a whole new design topic.

10. CreativeLive

It is an excellent resource that offers a range of online courses geared towards designers and artists to advance their creative skills.

While many of the classes are paid, you can get good deals on many of them. There are a few free classes, as well.

These online courses are taught live by professional instructors over the span of a few days and include HTML and CSS for designers, an introduction to typography, fundamentals of Adobe programs, and more.


The graphic design industry is becoming an integral part of real-time situations. So go for different websites to learn graphic design and build your career as it offers career flexibility.

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