German Finance Minister Commits Suicide After Coronavirus Crisis Worries

Thomas Schaefer was a German Finance Minister of Hesse state. He has committed suicide evidently after becoming “deeply worried” over how to cover with the economic fallout from the coronavirus, state premier Volker Bouffier said Sunday. 

Schaefer was 54 years old and was found dead near a railway track on Saturday. The Wiesbaden, a city in Germany, in its prosecution’s office said they believe that Schaefer died by suicide.

In a recorded statement Bouffier said, “We are in shock, we are in disbelief and above all, we are immensely sad.” 

Hesse is home to Frankfurt(Germany’s financial capital), where major lenders like Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have their headquarters. The European Central Bank is also located in Frankfurt.

A shocked Bouffier remembered that Schaefer, who was Hesse’s finance chief for 10 years, had been working “day and night” to help companies and workers deal with the economic impact of the pandemic.

Bouffier, a close associate of Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Today we have to assume that he was deeply worried and it’s precisely during this difficult time that we would have needed someone like him.”

Popular and well-respected, Schaefer had long been glorified as a possible successor to Bouffier. Like Bouffier, Schaefer belonged to Merkel’s center-right CDU(Christian Democratic Union) party. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children.

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