India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces “Janta Curfew” on 22nd March

In India, there are 294 confirmed cases of coronavirus, out of which total deaths are 5 and recovered cases are 23. Active cases are still 247 out of which none are in serious or critical condition.

India to remain closed down on 22nd March, as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces “Janta Curfew” which is on Sunday so as to deal with coronavirus and to stop it from spreading person to person.

The Janata Curfew will be observed on 22nd March between 7 am9 pm, comparing it to blackouts during wartime.

Modi requested citizens to act with determination and patience. Senior citizens and small children should stay indoors. Throughout this period, citizens must not leave their homes nor get onto the streets or roam about their localities and only those people will leave home who are associated with emergency and essential services.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces “Janta Curfew” on 22nd March

“In the coming few days, it is possible the people may not be able to come to the office or your homes. Try and do your business or jobs from your home. He appealed to employers to support staff and not to deduct their wages or salaries of those working in their companies and homes.

In such a situation, do treat them with empathy and humanity. Invariably keep in mind that they too need to run their homes, protect their families from illness,” Modi said. 

Modi said that the country has sufficient food and ration supplies whether it is milk, eatables, medicines, essential things – we have taken all steps to avoid any shortage. These supplies will never be stopped, so please do not stockpile them.

He appealed to businesses to act with empathy while assuring people that there are no shortages and telling them to avoid panic buying.

Full Speech: PM Modi addresses nation on coronavirus pandemic

“I need some of your upcoming weeks. Citizens of the country have to commit by saving themselves from infection and others from being infected,” the PM said.

He requested people to avoid crowded places and going out, saying people would be doing an injustice to themselves and their families otherwise and requested to maintain social distance.

Modi also requested people to avoid going to hospitals for routine check-ups and postpone any surgeries by a month so as to not overburden medical facilities and staff. He also warned people against rumours.

PM Modi announced a Covid-19 taskforce that would draw up measures to combat the economic effects of the pandemic.

To fight this pandemic there is a need to follow 2 important things – resolve and restrict and said that this “Janata Curfew” will in a way be a litmus test for us.

The country needed to be alert and it would be wrong to assume that the coronavirus won’t have a greater impact than it already has. The time has come to watch how prepared India is to fight off a global pandemic like the coronavirus.

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