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Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

The introduction of innovative products with improved ergonomics is expected to have a positive impact on market growth. In June 2019, Xiaomi MI launched a beard trimmer in India. This electric trimmer is specially designed for the Indian market.

At the present time, a beard trimmer is an essential accessory. They do the work of usual trimmers, but with much perfection and ease of use. There’s no chance of accidental skin cuts or bruises while shaving as they have skin-friendly blades. So, if you want to shave smoothly and fast, then a beard trimmer can be a great buy for you.

There are options of a cost-effective single functioning trimmer and some claim to developing all over your body. Their loads of trimmers are competing as per your earned cash each one offers a whole new range of models. Some are shavers cum trimmers while others serve for cleaning up from facial hair to sensitive body parts. 

The best looking beard does not appear overnight magically. Instead, they are fashioned and need regular trimming. Readout Mi beard trimmer review.

Mi Beard Trimmer Specifications

ModelMi Beard Trimmer
Product CategoryPersonal Grooming
Suitable ForBeard & Moustache
Ideal ForMen
Comb type2 beard combs
Cutter width30 mm
Cutting elementStainless steel blades
Non-scratching teethFor more comfort
No of length settings40
Precision (size of steps)by 0.5 mm
Range of length settings0.5 up to 20 mm
Battery type800mAh Li-ion
Charging time2 hours
Running timeUp to 90 minutes
Worldwide voltage100-240V
Warranty1 Year(manufacturing defects)
Easy cleaningWashable attachments
Net Quantity1 Unit
Launched byXiaomi India 

Package Contents of Mi Beard Trimmer

  • Beard Trimmer 1 Unit
  • User Manual 1 Unit
  • Power Cord 1 Unit
  • Trimming Comb 2 Unit
  • Travel Pouch 1 Unit
  • Cleaning Brush 1 Unit

Corded vs. Cordless Trimmer?

As the name suggests, the corded trimmer comes with a cord. And the cordless trimmers come without cord which means the corded trimmers need to be connected to a power outlet all the time while shaving. The cordless trimmers can be used with battery power and it doesn’t need to be connected to the power outlet. 

Also, there are some hybrid trimmers that can be used both corded and cordlessly. You should buy a hybrid trimmer for the best results. But hybrid trimmer tends to be a bit pricey. Therefore Mi beard trimmer is considered as more convenient and portable.

Product Description of Mi Beard Trimmer

All across India, Mi is known for offering its high-end products at affordable prices. The beard trimmer is minimal and understated. The product comes with a high quality and premium look as per the price structure. 

Mi trimmers are top in functionality as per the other price options in the market. It carries all the things you will need in a trimmer, whether it be premium looks or body. You can always rely on the equipment for its superb precision and hassle-free trimming experience.

The stainless steel sturdy and rustproof blades of Mi trimmers can give 0.5mm precision. The blades persist sharp for a long time as their ability to sharpen themselves by rubbing against each other. 

Xiaomi claims to give the Mi trimmer charge for 2 hours and run for 90 minutes. Also, the charger can satisfy your immediate charging needs by charging quickly for 5 minutes and could be used for 10 minutes. 

Mi beard trimmer is efficient for trimming a beard, necklines, stubble, and much more credit goes to its blade. The blades can be easily adjusted with 40 lengths; you can quickly achieve the desired beard or mustache length. The dial on the body of trimmer ensures all is done with hustle free operation and quickly adjusting while trimming. 

Trimmer vs. Traditional Shaving?

We don’t need to introduce traditional shaving to you. You know all about it. With a razor, one needs to shave manually in that way while on the other hand, trimmers run with electric power. And they come with many innovative features.

And, it is effortless to shave with beard trimmers. Most of the trimmers also come with a waterproof design, eg. Mi trimmer. Thus, you can easily clean it off. Therefore traditional shaving might be the tradition, but shaving with trimmers has become the new trend.

Features of Mi Beard Trimmer

  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades with skin-friendly rounded tips
  • Charge for only 2 hours & use cordlessly for up to 90 minutes
  • Travel safe with a travel lock and a travel pouch included
  • Versatile corded and cordless usage options
  • IPX7 waterproof quad-edge design
  • 40 length settings with 2 combs
  • Waterproof body, easy to clean
  • 10min use on a 5min charge

Face Shaving Tips For Men

  • Always use a new sharp safety razor. Change blades as soon as they become blunt or get nicks in them.
  • Wash the area to be shaved with moisturizing cleansers and warm water to help soften the hair. Keep the skin hot and moist.
  • Apply shaving cream or gel, and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes so it can further soften the hair and make a one-pass shave possible. A brush to apply and foam up may help to lift the hairs and really coat them with shaving cream.
  • People with sensitive skin should choose gentle products. Never use soap.
  • Always shave in the route your hair is growing. Even though you may get a closer shave if you go against the grain, you are more likely to get razor burn.
  • Clean the blade frequently to remove hair and shaving cream.
  • Try to attain a one-pass shave as going over an area several times is more likely to cause skin irritation.
  • To help reduce inflammation, follow your shave with a cold water rinse.
  • To rehydrate the skin, finish off with a moisturizer.

Pros & Cons of Using Mi Beard Trimmer


  • Easy-grip
  • Waterproof
  • Inexpensive
  • 40 length settings
  • Full washable body
  • 5 minutes instant charge
  • Comes handy while traveling


  • The dial is pretty bit hard
  • No comb-lock mechanism

How To Maintain and Keep Your Trimmer Clean?

  • You should wash all the accessories with water whenever you shave. And, if it is a waterproof trimmer, you should wash the entire body as well.
  • Even if you use your trimmer for a short and light session, you should at least tap out all the dead skin and residual hairs after every session. Otherwise, it might get jammed.
  • If your trimmer doesn’t have self-sharpening blades, you might need to lubricate or apply oil to the blades for longevity.
  •  Whenever the blades seem to not work properly, you might have to replace the blades.


Mi Beard Trimmer looks to be a genuine choice for men with the price point it launched. The features provided by Mi trimmer make it a great value for money to users. The amazing features like 40 Length settings, Travel lock, Great design, Waterproof body makes it a great deal. It gives users an ultra-powerful performance at a great price.

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FAQs regarding Mi Beard Trimmer

Q. Can the Mi Beard Trimmer be used while charging?

A. You can use Mi beard trimmer while charging in case if they start heating up a lot, immediately stop using the trimmer, and turn the switch off. Always, charge your trimmer after use.

Q. Is an adapter/charger included in the package?

A. The Mi Beard Trimmer comes with a charging cable. An Adapter is not included in the package. Any 5V=1A adaptor can be used to charge the trimmer.

Q. How do I enable/disable the travel lock?

A. To enable the travel lock, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the indicator light blinks 3 times. To disable the lock, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the trimmer switches on.

Q. Where can I find replacement blades or combs for the trimmer?

A. Replacement blade, charging cable, and combs will be made available across Xiaomi’s service centers.

Q. Is it safe/possible to trim body hair with this trimmer?

A. The trimmer is only meant for beard trimming. Using the MI Beard Trimmer to get rid of body hair is not recommended.

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