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Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS 1500 watts, Steel (1.5 Litre) – Review

Before the introduction of electric kettles, there was a time when boiling water was not as easy. But after the introduction of electric kettles, boiling water requires only a little time and the user could control the temperature of the water with ease.

The Prestige electric kettle PKOSS model will not let you down. This kettle comes with several exciting features and it is also easy to use. The entire product looks attractive with almost no complicated parts.

Make hot beverages instantly with the Prestige electric kettle PKOSS 1.5 Litre. An easy way to heat water in no time. Now boiling water, coffee/tea, hot chocolate, soups are a matter of minutes.

Prestige Electric Kettle Specifications

Brand NamePrestige
Model NumberPKOSS 1.5
Product Dimensions19cm x 18.5cm x 21 cm
Item Weight0.75 kg
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity1.5 L
Power1500 watts
Voltage230 volts
Warranty1 year

Features of Prestige Electric Kettle

Fast Water Boiler: Power of 1500watts makes the boiling more efficient than stove-top and microwave. Its capacity is 1.5L which is enough to suit a whole family, the water comes to a full boil within 5-6 minutes and will be ready to use for tea, coffee, oatmeal, hot chocolate,  pasta, instant soup and so on.

Light-Up Power Indicator: The Prestige electric kettle has a light-up power indicator that glows when power is on and darkens when power is off. After boiling it automatically gets shut off.

Stops Automatic: The auto stop feature cuts off the power supply, when the temperature inside exceeds the desired levels, protects the appliance from damage, making it safe and improves its lifespan as well. This feature prevents the consumption of excess power supply and electricity.

Optimal Spout Design: Spout design of Prestige electric kettle is for easy pouring with a reusable, removable perforated stainless steel filter that strains water while you pour. It is user friendly and has a soft-grip handle for hassle-free use.

Single-Touch Lid Locking: The single touch-lid locking mechanism of the Prestige electric kettle ensures a quick seal to prevent steam from escaping and water to boil in no time. Thus making it energy saving and is also safe to use.

360 Degree Swivel Base: Swivel power base allows you to plug it in any direction with the desired jug handle position. When the kettle is placed on it, then only the contact point will source power.

It can be separated from its power base for convenient usage and portability. Cord winder can be used to shorten the length of the cord as per the required distance from the plug point.

Uses of Prestige Electric Kettle

Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea: If you are a tea addict, you don’t need to go to the kitchen every time you desire for a cup of tea. Whether you want a green tea or a perfectly boiled cup of Masala chai, you can make it in a moment with the electric kettle.

Prestige Kettle boils water at nearly twice the speed of the stovetop, thereby saving time in busy mornings.

Brewing a Cup of Good Coffee: If you are a coffee lover, an electric kettle is a must-have appliance for you. Preparing a cup of coffee whenever you want is not as difficult as you think. All you want to do is to boil water in the kettle and add coffee powder when the water is ready. Your perfect cup of coffee will be ready in minutes.

Instant Oatmeal for Busy Mornings: Snack that can satisfy your hunger pangs is instant oatmeal. If you want to prepare a quick breakfast or light dinner, instant oatmeal is the right option for you. With the help of a Prestige Electric Kettle, you can make oatmeal in minutes. All you want to do is to boil water in the kettle and add the water to the bowl of oatmeal. Your delicious snack is ready.

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Hot and Delish Soup on a Rainy Evening: A piping hot bowl of soup is the perfect companion on a rainy evening. However, you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your favorite soup.

All you need to do is to chop the vegetables into small pieces and add them to the electric kettle with the right amount of water. Hot and delish soup will be ready within minutes. You can also use soup powder directly in the kettle with the right amount of water.

Instant Noodles for Late Night Cravings: Instant noodles are the lifeline of hostellers. Thanks to the electric kettle from Prestige, you don’t need to order food from outside to satisfy your late-night craving.

The best thing is that you don’t need to wait for a long time to enjoy your bowl of noodles. The Prestige Electric Kettle boils water in minutes which you can add to your cup noodles and enjoy your favorite instant noodles.

Pros & Cons of Prestige Electric Kettle


Quick Boiling: Prestige Electric Kettle heats the water almost instantly in less than a minute and that is a very amazing thing for a Kettle to do. Boiling the water will take a bit more than a minute.

Metal Inside & Outside: The Kettle has stainless steel in the inside and also on the outside, other than the base.

Easy Cleaning: The cap of the product can be opened almost 180 degree which is quite easy for cleaning. However, I would recommend a brush which we use for flask cleaning to be effective.

Sufficient Cord Length: The length of the cord is not long enough but is sufficient for use. Since it is a plate-based system, we can easily pull off the Kettle to pour the water, thus making it portable.


Heats a Lot: The body of the product heats a lot and you can literally hurt yourself if you put your hand on the body. Even the plastic handle seems to be bear heat and hence caution is advised.

Button Issue: The button issue may come as it falls numerous times. It may get damaged and it may not give you the feel of off/on and is irritating at times. So take care while using it.

Cleaning Regularly is Must: It is highly recommended to clean and then dry the product. If the product is not kept clean, it will give such a stinking smell that you will literally throw up and won’t put anything inside it ever. 

Auto Cut-off Malfunctions: The auto cut-off in case of reaching a temperature limit is highly faulty and malfunctions a lot. It is not an issue if you pay heed to it as you will easily get an idea of how long you need to reach the desired water temperature.


To prepare tea, coffee or any other instant beverages or snacks that you like are easy. Even if you travel a lot, you can easily take the electric kettle with you to prepare some kind of snacks or beverages.


Q: What is an electric kettle used for?

A: Running to the kitchen to boil only a glass of water or making a cup of tea feels like a hassle.

You can boil water or make a cup of tea effortlessly with the help of an electric kettle.

Apart from just making tea or coffee, an electric kettle can also be used for making some simple snacks such as noodles.

The gadget has a heating element or the coil at the bottom of the container ensures that quick boiling.

Q: How Long Does an Electric Kettle Take to Boil?

A: When you boil water on a stove, the heat escapes, which is why it takes longer to boil water.

As the kettle is enclosed, it stops heat from escaping and also allows pressure to rise faster, thereby boiling water in minutes.

The fact behind this is when the bottom of the appliance gets a continuous supply of heat it takes less time to boil water. A well built electric kettle takes approximately 2-3 minutes to boil water.

Q: Does an Electric Kettle Make Too Much Noise?

A: Most of the modern electric kettles make minimum noise. Hey, if you are the one who loves a cup of tea early in the morning, an electric kettle is the right gadget for you. You can prepare a hot cup of tea without going into the kitchen or disturbing anyone.

Q: What is the ideal size of an electric kettle?

A: Electric kettles come in different sizes. When purchasing an electric kettle, you need to check the family size or the number of people who will use the appliance.

For example, a 1-liter kettle can serve 2 people. So, if you need it for more people, opt for a kettle that is 1.5 liter.

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