Small Hope And New Challenges As The World Struggles To Beat Back The Virus

Small hope and new challenges as the world struggles to beat back the virus.

The shocking news from the worldwide struggle with the coronavirus has begun to be leavened by scattered indications that the spread of the virus might be slowing.

While PM Boris Johnson of Britain remained in intensive care Tuesday morning, New York officials expressed cautious optimism that the state and city might be reaching a turning point. Yet again, Italy reported a lower daily death toll. 

China, where the pandemic began late last year, claimed its 1st day since January with no deaths at all. Wuhan, the Chinese city where the virus 1st appeared, will lift its lockdown today as other nations began discussing plans to ease restrictions.

London to New York officials warned that lockdowns and social distancing would need to remain in place for some time to ensure that the 1st signs of success were not caused by a resurgence of the pathogen. South Carolina issued a stay-at-home order on Tuesday, leaving only 8 states that have yet to do so.

Small Hope And New

Investors all over the world chose to focus on the upside. Wall Street in New York staged a huge rally on Monday, and the gains were expected to continue on Tuesday as global stocks pushed higher.

In Asia, markets rose on news that Japan would spend some 20% of its GDP(Gross Domestic Product) to stabilize its economy, even as PM Shinzo Abe prepared to declare a state of emergency after infections raised in Tokyo and Osaka.

But Britain was dealing with a crisis that sent shivers worldwide, as its prime minister was moved into intensive care so he would be near a ventilator should his lungs fail. The government admitted that Mr. Johnson’s condition had deteriorated significantly.

 The crisis that has drowned nearly every nation on earth came suddenly, but there were warnings in the early days of the outbreak in China that the contagious disease could do vast damage.

Trump administration officials were warned by a top White House adviser starkly in late January that the crisis could cost the United States trillions of dollars in lost output and put millions of Americans at risk of illness or death.

The federal government has been criticized for a halting, inconsistent and incompetent response that has resulted in delays in testing, sent hospitals scrambling for critical supplies and leave the public confused, frightened and looking for definitive answers.

Small Hope And New

The virus has looked to outpace governments at many steps along the way, and much about it remains a mystery, despite perhaps the largest concentrated global scientific effort in history.

The death rate remains unclear, estimates of the proportion of people contracting the virus who never show symptoms range from 25 to 50% and there is no clear explanation for why it proves so fatal for some people who are relatively young and previously in good health.

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