Sounds of Bells, Claps, Plates, Conches and Crackers Reverberated Through “Janata Curfew” as India Thanks Its Heroes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked citizens of the country for expressing their gratitude towards those at the leading edge of the fight against coronavirus outbreak.

On 19th March, Thursday, PM addressed the nation and had praised the hard work of medical professionals, sanitation staff, airline crews, delivery persons and media personnel among others. 

On 22nd March, Sunday, he had asked citizens to appreciate them by giving them a 5 min standing ovation at 5 pm by clapping hands, banging plates or ringing bells. But the enthusiasm in the people of the country was more as many started clapping hands or banging plates before 5 pm and it was rung for half an hour.

Sounds of bells, plates, claps, conch shells, and in certain cases even crackers are reverberated by people across the country on Sunday evening as it expressed appreciation for medical and other staff who are on the top of the battle against the coronavirus.

From small children to the youths, elderly, common people to VIPs, all came out in balconies, lawns and terraces of their homes as the clock struck 5, following an appeal by our Prime Minister to express gratitude to doctors, paramedics, police and other personnel associated with essential services when the country was observing an unprecedented “Janta Curfew” on Sunday to check the spread of the virus.

Many people selected their places with their choice of instruments, which includes metal plates or whatever kitchen utensils they could get, while some people played the sounds of conches and bells on their phones and music systems. At India Gate and in other parts of the national capital, police sirens were also heard.

It is an expression of gratitude by the people and also the sound of the bugle announcing the 1st success in the long battle ahead said by PM. “With this resolution and patience, let’s restrict ourselves from social distancing as part of this long battle,” Modi tweeted in Hindi with the hashtag “Jantacurfew”.

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